How to select a suitable LED flashlight?

LED is a new type of flashlight, since the advent of white LED, had been pushed out, but at the beginning because of the brightness of the white LED is low, the cost is high, it can be said that the product has been in the laboratory stage, the high price of ordinary people and no one dare have a small part of the military on promotion. With the increase of the brightness of the white LED, the cost of the reduction, gradually into the ranks of the public. The brightness increased mainly due to the brightness of ITO, almost doubled the price, due to the improvement of the production process, from the initial 4 dollars a down to 4 cents a cheap 1 cents below the lot. Now the market popular flashlight has 9 or 12 5mm diameter of LED, the connection is in parallel, 3 Section 7 battery power. Or 1 1W or 3W or 5W high power LED. 1W high power LED single device prices ranging from 15-35, the initial launch of the 1W Lumileds high power LED as if selling 4-5.
Semiconductor lighting is known as the fourth generation light source, can be said to be a replacement product cost is much higher than the ordinary bulb flashlight, but long life. Such, I do not know how many ordinary light bulbs, ranging from LED months 1W-5W and energy saving flashlight, advantage, put aside the flashlight, LED currently on the market of the products in terms of energy consumption between the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp in 2008 is expected to catch up. But absolutely environmental protection, no pollution. Long life, is recognized as the advantages of LED, but on the market with the flashlight LED can be said to be the story uneven in quality, too much, this is not a repeat.
Advantages of LED flashlight
The intrinsic characteristics of LED determine that it is the most ideal light source to replace the traditional light source, which has a wide range of uses.
One, small size
LED is basically a small chip is encapsulated in epoxy resin inside, so it is very small, very light.
Two, low power consumption
LED power consumption is very low, generally speaking, the working voltage of 2-3.6V is LED. Operating current is 0.02-0.03A. That is to say: it consumes no more than 0.1W.
Three, long service life
Under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of LED can be up to 100 thousand hours.
Four, high brightness, low heat
Five, environmental protection
LED is made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent mercury containing mercury will cause pollution, while LED can also be recycled.
Six, strong and durable
LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, and it is stronger than light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. There are no loose parts in the lamp body, which make the LED can be said to be not easy to damage.
Disadvantages of LED flashlight
LED flashlight in addition to a fatal flaw (the common people are not easy to find the shortcomings, from a technical point of view), the color index is low! In LED under the irradiation of incandescent color is not true, this is from the spectral distribution analysis, which belongs to the technical problem, also not a repeat.
There is also a disadvantage, the spot, due to the white light LED manufacturing process on the defect and with the reflector cup or lens with the error, easy to cause the yellow circle problem. Some manufacturers do not consider the quality of the device and with the problem, complete copy of the other products, the poor quality of the LED flashlight flooded the market, severely damaged the reputation of LED, in this very indignation. Fake and shoddy products too much. Of course, the quality of the flashlight is not good.
In this way to remind the majority of consumers, to buy a flashlight, please note that:
1, look at the battery, a common battery and lithium battery two, although the lithium rechargeable batteries, but the low life of about 2 years, LED’s life expectancy of about 10 years, can choose according to the actual situation.
2, look at the light bulbs, light bulbs out of the case, the naked eye is very difficult to distinguish between its good or bad, you can see the light of the consistency of the light bulb.
3, look at the aperture, good LED flashlight aperture for a circular uniform, poor LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue uneven distribution.
4, to see the brightness, good LED flashlight brightness, slow decay rate.
5, look waterproof, good LED flashlight with waterproof function, seismic performance is good, that is resistant to fall
6, look at the appearance, this is more than I will see, I do not say more. I chose the aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and generous.

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